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Why Document Management Storage?

Why store your documents with us?

Reclaim Your Space

Nowadays, space is at a premium - why lose it if you don't have to?

Are you tired of cluttered rooms and overflowing boxes? You'll be amazed how much space you can reclaim in your office or home when you store your documents with us.

Safe and Secure

A lot of times, the documents we most need to keep are the ones that are the most sensitive. Annual accounts, bank statements, property deeds…all are essential documents that can cause you a lot of hassle if they are lost or damaged.

Our new state-of-the-art facility includes the highest rated V.E.S.D.A fire detection system, and is kept securely monitored 24/7 by our industry leading security system and CCTV.

Peace of Mind

Nothing sends you in a panic quite as much as losing an important file or document. For a business, that mistake can be critical.

Our system tracks your documents wherever they are. We can find a single file anywhere in our warehouse in seconds.

Combine that with our urgent service, and you have the confidence in knowing that all your documents are looked after and can be in your hand in as little as two hours.

It pays to be practical

People are always surprised at how cost effective our services are. Our storage prices are very competitive. Remember, the more you store, the less you pay.

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